Reducing Energy Costs

11 Mar


What would you do with monthly electric bills in excess of $30,000? This is a reality for many manufacturers who are using large machinery and equipment to heat buildings or produce product.  And quite simply, a cost of doing business.  I’ve actually seen bills significantly higher than that.  With raw material costs and direct labor creeping up, utility expense can be one area where business can find relief.  In many cases utilities are one of the top three expenses on an income statement.  Just the smallest cut in kWh rate from an electric supplier can mean thousands of dollars to a manufacturer’s bottom line.  With collaborating resources, my team has saved thousands of dollars in utility costs for  manufacturers throughout Pennsylvania.

It’s easy, painless, and quite honestly…a no brainer.  For credit worthy businesses, my team of energy specialists will evaluate cost savings opportunities and provide a number of solutions to consider.   The cost to the small business is nothing and the savings can be significant.

Get your free analysis of your utility savings today!



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