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Amy Weller, wife, mom, business coach, and entrepreneur,  has built upon a formal education by helping small businesses since 1998.  She has identified a need critical to the health, stability, and future growth of small business.   That unfulfilled need is helping businesses understand their numbers. Many businesses today lack an understanding of their financial statements, ratios, and key performance indicators (KPI’s).  Consequently, important business decisions are made in the absence of this knowledge.  Thus subjecting a potentially “healthy” company to unhealthy practices and an unhealthy environment.  Amy’s education, experience, and energy to coach entrepreneurs has transformed companies back to health.    Her passion to help people is evident as she left the security of “working for the man” to running her own small business in the pursuit of changing the lives within small companies.

All things “small” has resonated throughout her life.  A small woman (almost 5 foot), raised on a small farm, in a small town, and coaching small businesses, she believes that bigger doesn’t necesarily mean better.  Achieving and maintaining the health of business is no small task.  It can and will ripple into many other areas of its existence.  Ownership, employees, suppliers, customers, families are all affected by the health of a business.  Difficult to maintain, business health is one of the leading obstacles prohibiting small businesses from reaching their potential.  She has proven that the “Three E Principal” can produce healthy results.


  1. EDUCATE  – Educate ownership & management on the key areas within the business.
  2. EXERCISE  – Exercise that knowledge and develop “best practices”.
  3. ENERGY  – Utilize the positive energy that will result from healthy practices to sustain and grow the business.

With a professional background consisting of manufacturing, banking, sales & marketing, and consulting, Amy can smoothly coach small businesses on start-up, strategic growth, and  exit strategies. She strives to keep complicated situations simple and finds that her clients appreciate her approach and confidently refer her services.


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