Work with Me

Very simply stated, I help businesses become healthy.  They make better business decisions, operate more efficiently, and make more money while enjoying their passion.

I launched Weller Business Advisors to serve as a connector between businesses and accountants.  Too many companies needed more than the accountants were providing.  Which is where I come in to the picture.  I begin with explaining the financial reports and ratios and how that information can be used in making business decisions.  I then offer a real time industry/peer comparison that serves as a research based approach for baseline benchmarking.  And develop an actionable plan for continuous improvement.


Many companies do not understand the metrics that drive their business.  Without that fundamental understanding, businesses can quickly become cash strapped and unprofitable.  So logically, we usually start with the numbers and then end with developing a simple strategic plan that mirrors the company’s vision and goals.

This may include:

  • Business Health Check-up
  • Incorporating Social Media into your strategy
  • Evaluating your on-line presence
  • Developing a 13 week rolling cash-flow tool
  • Defining Key Performance Indicators
  • Understanding your business like never before

So if:

  • you like the color black more than red
  • want to improve the moral in your business
  • prefer sleeping through the night


  • would love to take a vacation AND enjoy it

then I’d love to talk with you to see how I can help.  Fill out this short form so we can schedule a time to talk.


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